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For the legal profession, business, & general public
Hartford region & entire State

Connecticut licensed for over 30 years
Insurance Company Trained
We travel throughout the state with laptop computers, printers, cameras

Risk Control Systems
Licensed Professional Adjusters & Consultants
P.O. Box 387
Manchester, CT 06040
Telephone: (860) 647-9286 
Fax: (860) 645-9309 

All types of accident investigations

  • Automobile

  • General

  • Products

  • Workers' compensation

What we do

  • General Investigations
  • Factual statements of accident conditions done by laptop computer, anywhere in state.
  • Background investigations 
  • Accident scene photographs (35mm)

  • Searches for people and witnesses in and out of state.

  • Claim evaluations

  • Activity checks

Accident Scene Inspection; Defect Discovery & Evaluation.  
Inspection of an accident scene and "discovery" of causes and effects, and liability factors important to insurance people. Write-up of technical report and description of liability exposures detailing defects and causes of specific accidents which support and strengthen your claim and cause of an injury.


General Casualty-Property Claim Adjusting & Consulting


Introductory Offer!

Introductory Offer!

Prepared factual statement of an accident from a client, witness, victim.  Prepared anywhere, and printed in two original copies.  Acceptable to insurance companies.

Call for details.

35mm photographs of an accident scene.  A minimum of 12 photographs, 4"x6" in color.  Each photograph has a description of the direction shown and the street or highway, or the subject of the photograph.

Call for details.

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